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Psychopharmacology Quiz -2

11. The most frequent cardiaovascular side effect of trazadone is:

A. Arrythmias

B. Ventricular hypertrophy

C. Valvular dysfunction

D. Syncope

Answer Key

12. Antimanic properties of lithium was proposed by:

A. Delay and Deniker

B. Von Meduna

C. John F Cade

D. Egaz Moniz

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13. The antipsychotic properties of Chlorpromazine was proposed by:

A. John Cade

B. Delay and Deniker

C. John Cade

D. Egaz Moniz

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14. The first psychotropic drug introduced in the treatment of depression was:

A. Clorpromazine

B. Lithium

C. Dothipin

D. Imipramine

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15. Dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation and urinary retention are side effects due to blockade of:

A. H1 histaminic receptors

B. 5HT1 serotoninergic receptors

C. Dopaminergic receptors

D. Muscarinic-cholinergic

16. Tricyclic antidepressants act by blocking:

A. Dopaminergic receptors

B. GABA receptors

C. Reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine

D. Cholinergic receptors

17. Therapeutic effects of typical antipsychotics are predominantly due to blockade of:

A. Dopaminergic receptors

B. GABA receptors

C. Serotoninergic receptors

D. Norepinephrine receptors

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18. Pharmacokinetics refers to

A. The processes of absorption, transport, distribution, metabolism and excretion

B. Action of drug on the body

C. Selective action of the drug on the receptors

D. The adverse effects caused by a drug on the body

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19. Zolpidem belongs to which of the following class of drugs

A. Antipsychotics

B. Antidepressants

C. Mood stabilizers

D. Hypnotics

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20. Moclobimide is a:

A. SSRI antidepressant

B. Reversible MAO Inhibitor

C. TCA antidepressant

D. SNRI antidepressant

Answer Key
11.A 12. C 13.B  14. D 15.D
16. C 17. A 18. A 19.D 20.B